α-Smart Company has been selected to participate in the New Product Technology Theater at the 2007 AHR Expo in Dallas.

Please visit: to find our scheduled time and designated theater, of the "Gladiola" zoning dampers system.
(Wednesday, 12:30 pm, room B, Organization: Global Unitech Imports.)

"Nova" Line - Saving at Clever Management of Energy.

"Nova" detects presence or absence by "sensing" motion at the detected area while using the "Doppler Effect" and the Micro-Wave detecting technology for proper and stable performance. "Nova" was designed for energy & expenses savings while preserving desired level of comfort.
"Nova" friendly to the user and easy to install, suited to your applications at various configurations:
- Schools         - Hostels                  - Residence              - Municipalities
- Hotels           - Armed Forces        - Hospitals                - Office Buildings
- Universities - Rented Rooms       - Aged Homes          - Convention Halls 

"α-Com" - Computer (PC)-Monitored Central HVAC control System

Thermostats with Built-in Communication & with a unique α-Smart's HMI system for Building Management Systems. Connecting the thermostats to common HMI (human machine interface) systems, operating with well-known protocols such as MODBUS, OPCCLIENT, SIMPLICITY, PCIM, and WIZCOM.
Advanced routing through wireless modules as well as LAN utilities, using common NCU: TCPIP/RS232.

Floor Heating Multi-Purpose Thermostat ATMT-24 - Smart control and unique energy management.

Digital flush-mount thermostat installed in stylish and modern designed plastic enclosure. The thermostat operates at three (3) modes; "Heat", "Cool" and "Auto" (automatic) eliminating the need to install additional thermostats. Thermostat ATMT-24 comes equipped with internal ambient temperature sensor and external floor temperature sensor designed to offer the greatest precision of
Comfort for floor heating systems, even when combined with other heating or cooling systems.
α-Smart is proud to offer simplicity by setting desired air and floor temperatures and the ATMT-24 thermostat does the rest in giving 7 modes of operations to maximize your comfort level and energy efficiency: Heat mode only, 2&3 - Floor heat mode, Cool mode only, 5&6 - Auto mode, BMS feature:  Building Management system (BMS) offers an external input from a central system to shut the thermostat off allowing many energy management possibilities.

Liquid gas's (LPG) inventory management - ATGP - 1

Gas and fuel supply charge a complicated logistic management. Gas companies estimate that 40% of the convening's cost result from the fact that they can not detect and monitor the gas stock inside the customer tank. α-Smart patent pending Invention designed for detecting and monitoring the level of liquid propane in industrial, commercial, residential or home owner's tanks. This invention purposes, among other purposes are:
 prevent out-of-gas situations
 improve safety and minimize economic and civil liability
 optimize and schedule refill trips to the tank and increase customer service and satisfaction
 keep track of propane usage on a periodically or daily basis for billing purposes
 to know when the tanks have been serviced or refilled for personnel control
 Keep an inventory of available empty space in the tanks to optimize the purchasing and delivery of bulk propane through the future options market.