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α-Tech 7FC

Digital control system for 2 or 4 pipes fan coils, or air handly units , consists of display unit flush mounted model ?-361/1, power unit ?-123/12, return air sensor and 6 meter communication cable between units (phone type). Connection between units at low voltage. Operating voltage 230VAC. The unit controls operation of Proportional Cool valve (0-10 VDC) at 7 stages, 2 or 3 stages Heat and 3 fan speeds motor. For 3 stages Heat (Binary) with non-equal capacity heat elements.

  • Operation programs: Cool, Heat, Automat and Ventilation.
  • 3-digits Led display - cleer and sharp at any light conditions.
  • Display desired and real temperatures, fan-speeds and failures at F.C unit.
  • Option for temperature display at F?.
  • 2 Leds to indicate operation modes: Cool or Heat.
  • Led to indicate activation modes: Cool or Heat.
  • Optional: Start/Stop feature.
  • 3000W @ 230VAC Heat elements power outlets.