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α-Tech 7FC

Digital control system for 2 or 4 pipes fan coils, or air handly units , consists of display unit flush mounted model ?-361/1, power unit ?-123/12, return air sensor and 6 meter communication cable between units (phone type). Connection between units at low voltage. Operating voltage 230VAC. The unit controls operation of Proportional Cool valve (0-10 VDC) at 7 stages, 2 or 3 stages Heat and 3 fan speeds motor. For 3 stages Heat (Binary) with non-equal capacity heat elements.

  • Operation programs: Cool, Heat, Automat and Ventilation.
  • 3-digits Led display - cleer and sharp at any light conditions.Display desired and real temperatures, fan-speeds and failures at F.C unit.
  • Option for temperature display at F?.
  • 2 Leds to indicate operation modes: Cool or Heat.
  • Led to indicate activation modes: Cool or Heat.
  • Optional: Start/Stop feature.
  • 3000W @ 230VAC Heat elements power outlets.

Cat No.ModelLine VoltageMODEOperating SystemsFan SpeedsHeat Pump Activating ModeAuto Fan in CoolingCanceling of Auto Fan in Heat ModeFan Speed Manual SelectorExternal SensorEnergy SavingHeat Mode Oper Without Fan
1098133α-242230VACCool & HeatOn / Off3Heat     
1098439α-242-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off3Heat     
1098440α-242ST230VACCool & HeatStart / Stop3Heat     
1098442α-242ST-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop3Heat     
1098441α-242NST230VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off3Heat     
1098443α-242NST-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off3Heat     
1098444α-242R-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off3Cool     
1098445α-242NR-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off3Cool Or Heat     
1098891α-242EXT230VACCool & HeatOn / Off3Heat    
1098446α-242EXT-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off3Heat    
1098448α-242NST-EXT230VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off3Heat    
1098807α-242NST-EXT-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off3Heat    
1098447α-242ST-EXT230VACCool & HeatStart / Stop 3Heat    
1098449α-242ST-EXT-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop 3Heat    
1098889α-242/1230VACCool & HeatOn / Off1Heat      
1098254α-242/1-2424VACCool & Heat On/Off1Heat      
1098450α-242/1-ST230VACCool & HeatStart / Stop1Heat      
1098809α-242/1-ST-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop1Heat      
1098451α-242/1-NST230VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off1Heat      
1098808α-242/1-NST-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off1Heat      
1098810α-242/1-EXT-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off1Heat     
1098812α-242/1-ST-EXT-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop 1Heat     
1098811α-242/1-NST-EXT-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off1Heat     
1098452α-242/1R-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off1Cool      
1098453α-242/1NR-2424VACCool & HeatOn / Off1Cool Or Heat      
1098454α-242/1NR-NST-2424VACCool & HeatStart / Stop Or On/Off1Cool Or Heat      
1098695α-242C230VACCool On/Off3Without RVS     
1098696α-242/1C230VACCool On/Off1Without RVS      
1098252α-242C-2424VACCool On/Off3Without RVS     
1098813α-242/1C-2424VACCool On/Off1Without RVS