During more than 5 decades of activity in the range of developing and manufacturing temp controlling and monitoring products for the refrigeration, air-condition and ventilation industries, α-Smart has established its position as a leading supplier of the Israeli markets and as a dominant business factor in the global markets. Based on the accumulated know-how for many years of this activity, the company has expanded its activities and is providing alternative control & monitoring solutions to the industries and the other markets. α-Smart serves nowadays as a technological

Development center destined to implant products and provide alternative solutions incorporating several technologies and dissolving them in one multi-purpose device "tailored" for specific demands of the client. α-Smart promotes technological projects within the plat's framework and in other frameworks as well. The plant undertakes cooperation with leading developers and manufacturers in the relevant fields and jointly, with the plant's trade-mark and presenting of trade-marks/ specific products provides in fact "packages" of comprehensive solutions.
Hereby some fields-sections of the plant's activities:

1. Energy Control:
Air-condition, heating and ventilation systems are great energy consumers. Development of control and monitoring systems and their applications lead to saving in energy & electricity. The wide experience in the field of climate control incorporated with capability of modular integration with the technological applications enable α-Smart to develop highly valuable products at short-term time-tables.
One of the efficient methods in energy saving is control of air-cond., heating and ventilation systems at area / room without presence of human being there. Integration between presence detector based on "Doppler Effect", highly sensitive and temp control allows a good solution for energy saving and provides high-level comfort at the controlled area. Additional meaningful advantage of this application, besides energy save, is its complete compliance with any room temp control.

2. Buildings control:
Automatic control of buildings - public, commercial or private allows control and monitoring of energy consuming systems such as air-cond., heating, ventilation, lighting. Consumers using and staying in this the building will receive data concerning electricity consumption, load capacity at any feed phase and other physical values by way of attached instruments. In some cases information re auxiliary generators at the central back-up systems will be given. As well - about fuel and gas dumps, all at fluent and requested resolution.
Building control systems are combined from several controls at end-spots connected via wireless to the switchboard. By way of the communication channels RF and via the existing electric utility (Yitran tech.), supporting the standard communication portfolios: Interbuss, Backnet, Modebuss, Profibuss, Fieldbuss, S-Buss etc. as per the client's demand. These systems support as well the standard business wise Wan, Lan, Lvds, Rs232, Rs485, CEN, LIN, USB. They allow reflection of information on the computer PC, Custom-made LCD screen or mini computer - colored Table Screen, attachment to cellular modem for sending messages and warnings to the maintenance personnel.

3. Temperature and Climate control:
Application of minimized independent thermostats with LCD screens, computerized, acting and integrated via switchboard, leading to a meaningful savings in costs involved in energy usage while allowing preserving of comfort level and high living quality. Thjese instruments are available for usage at wireless technologies (micro moduls RF) or at Ethernet technologies.
Use of A/C control without cable between the condensing and evaporating units base on Yitran technology, allows simple and quick installment with no need of infrastructure or restoration investments. Communication between the units is via the existing electric wires. The major advantage of such a system is in the easy Installment with no need of electric connection between the split units of the A/C. This technology may provide a perfect solution to many applications within the control such as in "Clever Home" or agricultural applications.
Integrated controls for floor heating and A/C in the same enclosure provide effective and specific solution to the modern home whether from the argonomic or the functional aspect. BMS inlet allows remote control on the device and connecting it to the PC.

4. Temperature Control and water handling:
Control of Spa and swimming pools secures watch of quality and cleanliness of the water. Monitoring the water temp allows selection of requested heat level according to the client's needs. The control monitors the electricity consuming factors (pumps, heat elements, lights, sound) while preserving the desired water temp, the water filtering procedures, the human safety. The monitoring is based on micro-controller providing to the system high reliability and variety of options to the user: Attachment to the cellular modem for sending messages SMS at emergency, connection to flooding detector, controlled via R.C.

5. Gas Control:
Liquid gas's (LPG) inventory management

Gas and fuel supply charge a complicated logistic management. This logistic issue became a big technological challenge with a big economic and business potential.

Today gas's transport is performed by causing the gas to flow in pips or by his cooling to liquid and transport him in the tankers. But, using pipes is restricted only to short distances. In states with a big consumer population, that are scattered on big areas far and enormous distances one from the other the transportation costs are extremely high. The enormous distances make it very difficult to maintain and manage efficient and effective LPG supply chain.

More over, the gas companies are responsible for the day to day current supply and ensuring the availability of customer gas inventory and refill of his gas tank.

Gas companies estimate that 40% of the convening's cost result from the fact that they can not detect and monitor the gas stock inside the customer tank. Therefore they loose money because to many times they make transportations to the same area within the same period, or they must send urgently transportation to customers that remained without a gas stock.

The invention
AlfaSmart Invention designed for detecting and monitoring the level of liquid propane in industrial, commercial and residential tanks. System includes an apparatus and method for point level liquid level detection in a closed container having an inaccessible interior volume such that it is difficult to retrofit these tanks with a level gauge that operates within the storage volume. The point level liquid level detection transmitting to the propane supplier site by a dry contact connected through telephone cable to simple dialer circuit.

Product Benefits
This invention purposes, among other purposes, prevent out-of-gas situations to improve safety and minimize economic and civil liability; to optimize and schedule refill trips to the tank and increase customer service and satisfaction; to keep track of propane usage on a periodically or daily basis for billing purposes; to know when the tanks have been serviced or refilled for personnel control; to keep an inventory of available empty space in the tanks to optimize the purchasing and delivery of bulk propane through the future options market.