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The α-Smart'S Team

We believe that quality staff highly motivated and committed both to our organizational objectives and to our customers, make all the difference. We value and reward our employs for high performance. Our philosophy on our people is to differentiate performance and reward great performers. We ensure the right developmental opportunities for our most talented people.

α-Smart invests in research and development with the objective of applying advanced technologies to new and innovative applications. The human structure in the company is of a high professional standard, which imparts engineering capability when providing planning and design services at the first stages of planning a product and selecting the technology. The human resources consist of engineers, designers, draftsmen and production workers.

α-Smart'S Departments


The management of α-Smart has brought an extensive experience in Electronics and electronic material engineering. Along the year's management made significant investments in both people and machinery, always focused on creating innovative solutions, providing AlfaSmart's Customers with the finest custom products, the widest range of manufacturing options with the highest possible quality, at the most cost effective price.

α-Smart'S strategic management vision is providing a complete solution rather than just a component has been realized

Marketing and Sales Department

The marketing and sales department are well staffed and widely technically supported; this enables highly reliable customer support from the RFI stage.

Development and Engineering Department

R&D staff has an extensive engineering capability for planning and developing the whole range of products offered at all the stages of developing a product.

This department has a team of engineers experienced in the field of electronics and mechanics, as well as draftsmen who have development tools and advanced equipment at their disposal which includes: AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc.

Production Department

Occupying over 2,000 sq .meters employing the burk of the workforce, this Department equipped with fully automatic electronic assembly and manufacturing lines, particularly useful in very high volume applications. The Finishing and Assembly areas comprise a semi-automatic laminating machine, a fully automatic tactile metal dome placement robot and two air conditioned assembly rooms, one to Class 100,000 standards.

Quality Assurance

Since quality with no compromise is our factory's culture the quality department implements in process quality inspections and final visual and functional tests on 100% of all products. The quality department is equipped with the best test instruments in order to supply customers with products of the highest standard.